Great Ideas For Repurposing Your Old Clothes

When it comes to repurposing old clothes, most people generally think yard sale, give them to charity or hand them down to the next generation. While those are three useful options for old clothing, there are also other ways you can repurpose your old clothes.

repurposed scarf

One great item that can easily be repurposed and look very fashionable, just on a different part of the body, is the scarf. You typically would wear a scarf around your neck. However, once a scarf has lived its glory days, it can serve to create that “wrapped skirt” look.

Women everywhere have made some great creations out of men’s old clothes. For instance, a man’s old shirt can have a few alterations made on a sewing machine to become a nice summery woman’s top. Give it that pleated look around the bosom, and it will flare out a little at the hips, naturally corseted slightly at the waist.

Women have shared the idea of using old shirts to create pom poms for their arts and crafts projects as well as unique little handbags for produce. The hair posies and other pieces you can make with repurposed clothing is very artsy. Not to mention, you can make an entire quilt out of any old clothes. A nice jeans quilt is a great idea.

If you have an older shirt that is a solid color, you can completely change it’s look by putting your own designs on there. Additionally, did you know that you can make a night shirt into shorts?

Everyone that has a child ends up with tons of baby clothes they could repurpose. You can make little creatures or stuffed animals out of them, among other things. Sweaters offer some very nice fabrics, but when they get worn out, you can downsize them and make a very unique hat.

The t-shirt scarf option seems to be quite popular as well, with several different alternative ideas representing the one. Do you have any old pillow cases lying around? If so, you can turn these into toddler rompers or clothes to get through those fast growing times with your child.

Sleeping bags for toddlers and babies can be made out of pillowcases as well, with a few extra steps. Some of these transitions mentioned are quite simple, while others involve a little more experience with arts and crafts techniques. Still, they can all be done by anyone willing to learn.

People like turning old shirts into artwork, taking the sleeves off of them, turning them into baby hats and more. Repurposing your old clothes can save you money, and it helps you get in that frame of mind where you start exploring how to repurpose other things in your home.

What have you thought about making out of old clothing? There are many more ideas out there, and these are just some of the different ones you can try. Since you’re repurposing clothing items, each of them is going to be very unique.

Finding The Best Custom Printed Fabrics

Hiya guys! How are you? I hope all is well;)

Yesterday, I wrote some tips for you on how to find a good sewing machine. I am in the mood this morning and thought why not continue giving you some cool tips on getting started to your sewing hobby. So today we are talking about printed fabrics.

printed fabric

Who doesn’t love beautiful fabrics? Especially, as spring approaches the desire to wear bright colors and prints increases. However, some people have concerns when it comes to custom fabrics. This may include issues of wear, color fading, and color bleeding.

But, there’s no need to worry. Today’s custom fabrics are made with durable and long-lasting materials. Also, modern dyes are both colorful and fade resistant.

There’s not real reason not to add a unique touch to your sewing creations by using these interesting fabric choices.

So if you want to learn how to find custom printed fabrics, read on!

Try Searching Online

The world wide web offers a great opportunity to buy products from all over the world. Just type “custom printed fabrics” into your favorite search engine. Chances are that you will find tons of results! You can even order fabrics made-to-order if you desire.

Many of these custom shops are located in foreign countries, so keep in mind that international shipping charges may apply. You can avoid that by shopping with U.S. based fabric makers. While the initial cost may seem more expensive, your shipping will be much cheaper.

Fabric Shops

Another option is to take a trip to your local fabric shop. Tell them that you are interested in custom fabrics. While they may not be able to print up a design on demand, it’s likely that they have some unique fabrics in stock.

Modern fabric makers have options open to them that were unthinkable even a decade ago. Most of this is due the advancement of electronic looms and fabric machines. These computer operated gadgets allow the manufacturer to make create just about anything.. in a matter of minutes.

Keep in mind that custom fabrics do cost a little more than lower-priced mass produced fabrics do.

Flea Markets

Why not take a visit to your local flea-market. These days you can find a variety of one-of-a-kind items in these outdoor shopping malls. Lots of craft-makers and small business prefer to set up shop in these venues.

It can also be a great opportunity meet other people who share your hobby. Also, some people import unique fabrics from outside of the country to expressly sell. These are usually fabrics from places like India or Asia. You can definitely find some great deals at flea-markets as well. While the quality isn’t always consistent, your chances of finding something really interesting are high.

Look For Local Fabric Artists

You might also consider looking for local fabric artists. You can try online venues like Etsy or reading your local crafts newsletter. Craft and hobby fairs are also good places to find fabric makers. These fabrics are usually hand crafted in small quantities.

My Thoughts:

If you do buy a hand-crafted product, remember that you’ll want to wash it carefully. Gentle dry cleaning or hand-washing is usually recommended. Hand-crafted fabrics are great for heirloom projects like drapery. Shopping and caring for custom printed fabrics, is a lot easier than you think.

Tips And Advice For Buying A New Sewing Machine

Are you interested in buying a new sewing machine? If you answered yes, then there are some tips you should consider. The following tips and advice can help you out if you want a new sewing machine.

my classic sewing machine

1. Keep The Brand In Mind

When it comes to sewing machines, brand names matter, so keep the brand in mind when you are shopping around for a brand new sewing machine. Generally speaking, a brand that is well-known is usually well-known for a reason, therefore you may want to see what types of sewing machines they make and maybe purchase one of them. However, there may be brands that are not that well-known, but are still good, so make sure your read a few reviews about brands you are not familiar with or have not heard of.

As for what some of the most popular brands are, they include Singer, White and Pfaff. Other popular brands include Viking, Brother and Kenmore to name just a few. All of these brands product quality sewing machines that you may be interested in buying, so keep these brands in mind when you are searching for a machine to buy.

2. Features Matters

Features matter, and you should be aware that not all sewing machines have the same features. There are machines that may have a one-step buttonhole, while others have options for stretch stitches and some machines have digital features that you may find interesting. The truth is that there are some machines that may have too many features that you may never even use, therefore you will want to keep features mind when are looking to buy a sewing machine. Figure out what you will be using the machine for, such as for a hobby, business and so forth, and what types of features you will want it to have and before you know it you will find a great machine to use for sewing.

3. Price Range

You should figure out how much you are willing to spend on a new sewing machines. Generally speaking, you should be able to get a high quality machine that is brand new for around $300-$600, but sometimes they can cost less than that, but be prepared to spend somewhere in that price range. When you know how much you have for a brand new one, then you will find it one at a great price.

4. Where To Buy

There are many places. You can turn to an auction site, a site that sells many different products. You can also find brand new sewing machines on sites that specialize in selling sewing machines. Many retail stores do specialize in selling new machines.

As you can see, finding and choosing the ideal sewing machine is easy enough. However, keep the above tips and advice in mind, as they can help you. You will be able to find the ideal sewing machine by keeping the above info in mind, so start shopping around for one today and choose the best one for your needs.

Need Extra Income? Try Sewing As A Side Job

Many people are looking for ways to earn extra money in their spare time. If you can sew, you can make some cash on the side by using your skills to create or fix apparel or home furnishings.

Here are a few ways to earn extra money by sewing:

1. Make clothes

 flowy blouseAll you need is a popular pattern to get started. If you can find a dress or top that is one size fits most, you can create a few different pieces using different fabric to use as samples or to sell to customers.

2. Repair clothesrepair zipper

While some items in a person’s wardrobe may seem disposable, many people have items that they value because of
their cost or for sentimental reasons. Instead of tossing them out when there’s a tear or when they don’t fit, a person can have them altered. You can offer this service to people in your community.

3. Make bags

handmade bagsTote bags, drawstring bags and beach bags are popular, and fairly easy to make. You can create a number of these bags in a few weeks and sell them throughout the year. You can also create custom bags with different fabric. Advanced sewers can also create handbags and purses.

4. Make dolls and stuffed animals

stuffed animalsCustom made or homemade toys are valued, as both collectibles and treasured toys for a child. You can use a classic pattern to create a standard stuffed animal or doll, or you can get creative. Using different fabrics and accessories you can create a gift that can’t be bought in a store.

5. Make home decor itemsinterior inspo

Throw pillows are popular decorative items in many homes. These are easy to create and can sell for a decent profit. You can use a variety of fabrics to make each piece unique. You can also offer a service that makes pillows from fabrics or items that have sentimental value.

If you’re not sure which idea to work with or you need more ideas look online or in your local flea market. Sites like and have an assortment of homemade pieces for sale. By looking at these sites you can not only see what other people are selling, you can get an idea of how much you can charge.

Your local flea market is helpful if you plan to sell your items in your community. If you find someone selling similar items to what you plan to create you can see what prices they charge.

By taking note of the prices both online and offline, you can get an idea of how much money you can make. The next step would be to price the fabric and accessories needed to create your products. If the cost of the materials is far less than the price you can sell it for, this may be a viable business idea.

If you find that the material costs more than the price or is equal in cost, then you need to determine if there is a way to reduce the cost or increase the value of your products so you can charge more.

Sewing As A Fun & Profitable Hobby

Are you looking for a new hobby that’s both fun and exciting? Well there is an activity that’s not only fun its also also exciting: Sewing.

sewing as a hobby

Not only will you take pride in you create, you’ll also create practical gifts for friends and family. Sewing is an art form that allows you to express yourself, and to make really beautiful things. It’s also a way to create beautiful heirlooms. Sewing is really an uplifting and rewarding hobby that will bring you a lot of joy.

People sew for many reasons. As a hobby its both relaxing and satisfying for most. Sewing also offers endless opportunities for self-expression, leaning new skills, and a sense of personal satisfaction. It’s also an economical hobby that can save you money on clothing and home decor.

You may not realize it but it’s really easy to start sewing. All it takes is a little determination and a used (or new) sewing machine.

Learning the art of making things on your own is a lot of fun. And soon you’ll wow your friend with your creations.

The first key to learning anything new is finding the right learning materials.

The second is having access to the right tool and equipment.

As you gain more experience you’ll also gain more confidence. Sewing is an awesome hobby that will bring many hours of enjoyment, so what do you really need to get started.

Finding The Right Learning Materials

The best way to learn to sew is by doing. So you might want to start with a few “easy to sew” projects. Visit your local fabric or hobby store and search for beginners patterns. These are usually projects that it takes a very short time to complete. However, by doing these projects you learn sewing basics. You might also want to check out sewing books or videos from your local library.  One of my favorite site is Sewing Made Simple. I like how Amber created her Learn How To Sew series to teach newbie streamstress. Keep your eyes peeled as I might start something similar here.

Finding The Right Sewing Machine

Sewing machines are very easy to find. You can search online or at your local department store. Used sewing machines can usually be purchased quite cheaply. If you are buying used, make sure that you’re getting a working machine. Also, be sure to find out if there are any sewing machine repair shops in your area. You don’t want to be stuck with a broken machine.

Getting Started

To get started sewing you’ll also need threads, needles, fabrics, and patterns. Most of these can be easily purchased at your local fabric store. You can also order beginners sewing kits online.

You might also want to set up a special area just for sewing. This can be an unused room or a corner of your home. Be sure that anyone that lives with you.. understands that area is just for sewing. You don’t want your works in progress to be ruined by spills or accidents.

 The Bottom Line

Sewing is an enjoyable hobby for just about anyone. Making your own clothing and drapes is not only fun, it saves a great deal of money.